Time is running out to weigh in on the new Texas curriculum!


Last week, I wrote to warn you about the new proposed curriculum for social studies in Texas K-8 education. 

The new Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards would replace traditional American values and history with a leftist worldview that values the “global citizen” over the principles of freedom and liberty that are at the foundation of our country.

For example, more time will be spent learning about ancient civilizations and world religions than on the basics of American History, like Abraham Lincoln and and Paul Revere. When students learn about the civil rights movement, the curriculum will tie freedom riders and Dr. King to the LGBTQ activists of today.

Unless we persuade the state board of education to reject the new standards, leftist indoctrination will have a firm foothold in Texas classrooms.

That’s why it’s important to make your voice heard!

There’s still time to contact the state board of education, the TEA commissioner, and even the Governor and Lt. Governor.

Above, I’ve made a short video to discuss the issues with the new curriculum.

If you choose to contact the Board of Education, Education Commissioner, or other elected officials about this issue, don’t be intimidated or feel as though you need to write a long letter about it. Just express your feelings about the new standards in simple, plain language – and don’t forget to identify yourself as a constituent!

You can contact Commissioner Morath at [email protected]. To find your board of education representative, just go to this link. Don’t forget to spread the word and encourage your friends and family to reach out as well.

The school board will be considering the new curriculum on Tuesday, so don’t wait. Send your letter, email, or call today!