When you read about indoctrination in the classroom and radical leftist teaching infiltrating children’s lessons, you might think that it’s only a problem for people in California or New York.

Not true. It’s coming to every school in our nation. Even Texas.

This week, we learned that the Texas Board of Education is about to vote on a new set of curriculum standards and framework for social studies. Called the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS for short), if approved by the state school board, the new standards will govern what students in Texas (grades kindergarten through eighth) must learn.

Right off the bat, you can tell that the new standards are based on a leftist worldview, because their stated goal focuses on becoming a “global citizen.” Those innocuous-sounding words – “global citizen” – are usually code for a series of social justice and leftist values.

Not to mention that there is no mention of American or Texan values.

Jaco Booyens, an activist who has studied the new curriculum at length, warns that the curriculum fundamentally changes the way we talk about values and our place in the community. Kindergarteners will be taught that the community (not the family!) raise children, and then the government gets involved. First grade places emphasis on “community values” (an extremely vague idea) instead of fundamental American principles like “liberty and justice for all.”

Instead of learning the basics of American history, enormous amounts of time will be spent on early civilizations from 2000 to 600 B.C.:

“What will be out is Paul Revere—gone. Sam Adams—you’re gone. Oh, Abraham Lincoln? You’re gone. That’s right, no more Abraham Lincoln. Roosevelt’s gone. JFK is gone. Reagan is gone, and Trump is gone. Didn’t exist. James Bonham is gone—fundamentally eliminating American history,” explained Booyens.

When students learn about the civil rights movement in third grade, they will be taught that the marches and protests of the 1950s and ’60s are tied into “intersectionality” and the modern LGBTQ+ movements. That’s right, they’re making Dr. King synonymous with men in women’s bathrooms.

Texas history was formerly taught in fourth grade, but it will be replaced by world religions and civilizations. Booyens added, “We’re going to teach Angela Davis in fourth grade. No Lincoln; Abraham Lincoln didn’t make the list. But Angela Davis is being taught. She’s the founder of critical resistance. So, your fourth graders are gonna know Angela Davis, but they will not know Abraham Lincoln.”

Fifth grade will include a deep dive into Chinese dynasties. While this could be a good subject of study when the students is ready for it, tossing it into the curriculum before children have had a proper grounding in their own history and civics not only misses the mark, but also guarantees that the children will lack the knowledge and perspective to deepen their understanding of world history. 

There is a tried and true method of teaching young people about their own history and the values of country and community. Leftist indoctrination and a Marxist view of history have no place in our schools.

If you’re a Texas resident, there’s still time to act. Contact Gov. AbbottLt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and Education Commissioner Mike Morath. Tell them what you think about the new curriculum. Then contact the Texas Board of Education (find your local representative here) and let them know how you feel about approval of these new standards.

The Board of Education will be meeting on Tuesday, August 30th to consider (and possibly give an initial approval) to the new curriculum, so we must act now!

If you don’t live in Texas, don’t assume that your state is safe from the same trends. Be sure to look into any changes to the curriculum in your state or county. And be prepared to make your voice heard at the state house and in your local school board. hearings.

It is up to us to safeguard education. Because the left knows that indoctrinating our children in the classroom is the easiest way to advance their agenda.

Let’s make sure they don’t succeed.