We warned that the Left wouldn’t stop at the issue of marriage. That the fight over traditional marriage would inevitably become an attempt to dismantle the family and remake all discussions of human sexuality.

Now, we have drag queen story hours and schools that will advance a student’s desire to embrace a new gender identity without the knowledge or involvement of the parents.

We have “health professionals” that will remove the breasts from teenage girls and put them on hormone therapy that can render them permanently sterile. Minors – children really – are being considered capable of consenting to medical procedures that can scar them for life.

All in service of the leftist gender agenda.

CAAP has been working against this agenda from the very beginning, since we launched our efforts to save traditional marriage. We knew from the start that parents rights and Biblical values were being threatened by this new ideology and we warned that it’s ultimate goal was the indoctrination of our children.

Now, we’re fighting the same fight and the public is finally waking up to the seriousness of the threat. I only hope that it isn’t too late.

The Biden Administration is fully supportive of the leftist agenda. They continue to advance policies meant to spread transgender ideology and erase the meaning of biological sex. For example, the proposed new rules for Title IX are a real threat to free speech, privacy, due process, and women’s sports. 

CAAP is dedicated to working with likeminded groups to put a stop to this radical ideology. We have made parents rights and opposing the sexualization of children in public schools two of our top priorities this year. Please stay tuned for more updates detailing how you can get involved.

The radical left is depending on ignorance, apathy, and social pressure to push through their agenda. I hope you’ll join with me in making a stand for Biblical values.