It is the unfortunate byproduct of modern racial politics that even something meant to uplift and unify – like Black History Month – can appear divisive.

I’ve run across too many people who look at Black History Month as something exclusive to the African American community. But that misses the point.  This is a month that celebrates a key part of the American experience, but the operative word there should be “American.” 

Thus, rather than using this time to air grievances or advance divisive teachings like critical race theory, we should be emphasizing the universality of the lessons one learns from great Black leaders, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

He is, after all, the man who taught us that content of character should matter, not skin color.

That’s why I want to celebrate Black History Month in a way that is honors the courage and wisdom of our country’s Black leaders, but does so in a way that advances their goal of making America a better place for all, regardless of skin tone.

And I cannot think of a more appropriate way to do so than through school choice.

The value of education as a great social equalizer is a common theme in Black History. The creation of our nation’s proud Black colleges and universities is a testimony to our belief that everyone deserves a quality education.

That might be why school choice has always resonated as an issue within the Black community. The idea that geography alone can force someone into a failing school is anathema to our philosophy. In fact, school choice may be one of the most pressing civil rights issues of our day.

That’s why we will continue to promote choice in education – as well as parents rights in public schools – as part of CAAP’s Mission Education initiative. Not only is that the best way to preserve Biblical values in our schools and prevent indoctrination, but it also lifts up children and gives them a better future. In this way, we will oppose the left’s Marxist agenda while honoring the values of our civil rights forefathers.

I hope you will stand with us as we make our stand for educational freedom!