As you know, we’re very proud of Bill’s history in the civil rights movement. CAAP’s founder marched with the great civil rights protestors, and he is part of an incredible American tradition.

Those protestors marched for love of America. They marched in accordance with Biblical truth. And it makes us angry to see that legacy co-opted and corrupted by the modern Left.

That was one of the central points made in our recent interview with Diane Gramley of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania. 

Bill and I appeared on the American Family Association’s podcast to discuss Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., our book, A Dream Derailed, and the way that the civil rights movement has been recast to achieve a leftist agenda.

In the interview, we respond to whether Dr. King would have embraced modern movements like critical race theory or the LGBTQ+ civil rights “agenda”. (Answer: “No.”)

We also try to bring a historical and Biblical perspective to the issues of race and civil rights – especially the ways in which people are being manipulated into accepting a harmful and divisive philosophy in the name of “tolerance.”

I hope you will take the time to listen to the podcast and share it with your friends and family – especially with those who need help understanding why these modern movements are antithetical to the legacy of Dr. King and the civil rights marchers.

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I hope you will continue to stand with us in defense of Biblical values!