When we say that we need to get our message into schools, we mean it literally.

Students will do better when they know where to turn for support – whether that support is material, spiritual, or educational.

That’s why our Mission Education outreach efforts are focused on connecting directly with teachers and students. Which brings us to our most recent event – the fair at the Royal School District.

The event was focused on wellness and health, which made it the perfect forum to demonstrate the ways that Mission Education empowers students and teachers. Alongside the mental health and mentoring programs that were present, Mission Education was able to provide a different perspective on how the community, parents, and churches can join together to meet the needs of students.

As a former teacher, I know from experience that the teachers can’t do it alone. They need external support, and Mission Education is working to fill that gap. I’m so proud that we have been able to launch our Mission Education efforts with real, tangible help for schools. Already, we have supplied equipment for science projects along with snacks and supplies. 

And there is more to come! Stay tuned for more updates about our work and please consider supporting CAAP and our efforts to be the hands of Jesus in local schools.