Over the past few year, we’ve talked a lot about CAAP’s commitment to education. As you know, Bill and I have backgrounds in teaching and education, so it has always been close to our hearts as an issue. We believe strongly that education is the key to improving one’s life. Naturally, it is also a big part of putting our country on the right path.

Because one of our goals is to combat the leftist takeover of education, we have been active in raising the alarm about transgender ideology, LGBTQ+ indoctrination, and the rise of critical race theory. We’ve distributed materials on the issue, talked to community leaders, and continue our outreach on these issues.

But there’s another facet to our education efforts. We also seek to be the hands of Jesus in our struggling schools. It’s not enough to combat bad trends in education. We also need to help improve schooling as a whole.

I’m happy to say that Mission Education has also been able to begin that aspect of its ministry by aiding a local elementary school.

We learned that the school needed help with supplies for their science class, including cookies that they were planning to use to help teach the phases of the moon.

Mission Education stepped up to help, donating the science class items as well as snacks and drinks needed for an upcoming field day.

It may seem like a little thing – providing food for field day and supplies for science class – but it made a real difference for the children and teachers of this school. And that’s what our goal is: we want to be there to help fill these needs and provide a better education environment for students.

Sometimes that may take the form of large, transformative donations. Sometimes it means standing up for parents rights or opposing leftists indoctrination. And sometimes, it means ensuring that a classroom has the supplies students need to learn about the phases of the moon.

As a former teacher myself, I understand what a difference these small acts of service can make. I have seen firsthand how hard it is to learn (and to teach) without access to basic supplies.

Mission Education is dedicated to improving schools in every aspect. If we successfully drive out leftist indoctrination and critical race theory, but children still struggle to get a good education, then our work isn’t done. We need to improve education if we want to improve our country.