Putting our money where our mouth is


It’s such a joy to be able to provide tangible help to schools and students in need.

Last week, CAAP was able to follow-up on one of the primary goals of our Mission Education initiative. With the help of our generous donors, we were able to raise $750 for an elementary school in the Greater Houston area.

This school serves many children from low-income families, and this money will help pay for necessities like classroom supplies.

As I explained during the check presentation, Bill and I both have backgrounds in education, and that has helped us understand how best to help schools and students. We know that children benefit from an active and involved community. That’s why we seek to unite community groups, parents, and local churches in this effort to improve our schools.

One thing that stayed with me after the presentation was when the school superintendent said that he believes in providing great customer service to students and parents.

That’s something that is lost at too many schools, where some staff (especially front office staff) misunderstand their relationship to parents, sometimes treating them like children or viewing them with suspicion or hostility. We should be forging partnerships, not mistrust. But to do so, schools need to be welcoming to parents just as parents need to be involved in their kids’ education and respectful to school staff.

The superintendent’s words were a sign that there are many education leaders out there who will welcome Mission Education into their programs. And that’s good news because we have more plans on the horizon

In May, we plan to sponsor a brunch in this district. What’s more, we will be making more donations to other schools in order to help equip more students to learn.

You can help by making a donation to CAAP today. Our Mission Education program is putting much-needed supplies and support directly in the hands of teachers and students. Your gift can make a real difference to those children.

Thank you so much for being part of CAAP and supporting us as we expand our outreach. I hope that you will join us as we continue our work to be the hands of Jesus in our schools.