I’ve often said that if we want to save our schools, we need to get more involved. That means getting involved in providing resources to schools as well as getting involved politically.

You’ve seen how Mission Education provides those crucial resources. Now it’s time to make our voices heard in the halls of government.

Tomorrow – Wednesday, March 22nd – the Texas Senate Education Committee is going to hold public hearings on two crucial bills: SB176 and SJR 29.

SB176 establishes the Texas Parental Empowerment Program, creating an insurance premium tax credit for contributions made for the purposes of the program. This is a vital piece of legislation, as it creates an educational savings account for every school-age child who legally resides in Texas.

SJR29 is proposed constitutional amendment that would establish the parents’ right to direct their children’s education.

Both of these pieces of legislation could make a huge difference for education in Texas. And where Texas leads, other states will follow, starting a trend towards defense of school choice and parental rights throughout the country.

This is your opportunity to be heard. Contact the members of the Education Committee and let them know where you stand on SJR29 and SB176:

Senate Committee on Education(C530)

Clerk: Abby Johnston Phone: (512) 463-0355 Room: SHB440

Sen. Brandon Creighton (R) 
[email protected]  – (512) 463-0104 

Sen. Donna Campbell (R)
[email protected]  – (512) 463-0125 

Sen. Paul Bettencourt (R)
[email protected]  – (512) 463-0107 

Sen. Brian Birdwell (R)
[email protected]  – (512) 463-0122 

Sen. Pete Flores (R)
[email protected]  –  (512) 463-0124

Sen. Phil King (R)
[email protected]  – (512) 463-0110 

Sen. Morgan LaMantia (D)
[email protected]  – (512) 463-0127 

Sen. Jose Menendez (D) 
[email protected]  – (512) 463-0126 

Sen. Mayes Middleton (R) 
[email protected]  – (512) 463-0111 

Sen. Tan Parker (R) 
[email protected]  – (512) 463-0112

Sen. Angela Paxton (R)
[email protected] – (512) 463-0108 

Sen. Drew Springer (R) 
[email protected]  – (512) 463-0130 

Sen. Royce West (D) 
[email protected]  – (512) 463-0123

If you wish to appear in person on Wednesday to give testimony, public testimony will be taken in the Senate Chamber. Just sign up at the kiosk at 9am in order to speak.

Both of these bills represent a real victory for parental rights and school choice. I hope you will help us demonstrate to the Education Committee how important these issues are.