“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”  Genesis 1:27

We are almost at the end of International Women’s Month, and it falls to us to do what the month is supposed to do: honor and celebrate women. Real women.

There is a biological difference between men and women. That is an inescapable truth. It is also a reflection of God’s plan, as expressed in the Book of Genesis.

Man and woman are different, but complementary. Each needs the other, and we fulfill different roles in the family as we do in society.

This is not to suggest that one is less capable than the other or more worthy. We are, after all, equal before God. But we can’t ignore biological truth. Women bear children. They are maternal. They are often more nurturing. Men tend to be stronger and faster. They have an instinct to protect and provide. Accepting these truths makes it easier to celebrate and accept our differences.

That should be what International Women’s Month is about – celebrating the unique contributions of women. Instead, however, it has been increasingly hijacked by the woke left, which continues to try to reduce the definition of “woman” to a feeling or a costume.

As a woman, it is insulting to see trans women (i.e. biological men) being honored and celebrated for International Women’s Month. I think of the things that we have experienced as women – the long fight to be seen as equal in intelligence and ability; the fact that you don’t have to go back that far to get to a time when women couldn’t vote or own property – and I wonder how all of that has been thrown away for the trans agenda.

For a small minority of men, we are erasing what it means to be a woman. The essentials of our biology are wiped away so that people who are not women – who will never experience menstruation or pregnancy or the pain of infertility – somehow get to lay claim to the mantle of the female experience. They push our daughters out of sports and subscribe to the narrowest possible definition of male and female in order to advance a trans agenda, evangelizing children and creating a psychological crisis for teens and preteens. 

As women, it is up to us to push back against this evil trend. We must defend the true meaning of womanhood and protect our children from the lies and distortions of the LGBT+ crowd. If we want the word “woman” to have any meaning at all – if we want to put an end to conversation about “chest feeders” and “people who menstruate,” then we must stand up for real womanhood.

Let’s join together and ensure that International Women’s Month goes back to celebrating real women.