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In the newest episode of Wisdom for Today, Deborah talks about why we cannot bow to trends or politics when it comes to speaking out against division and hate. That's true for the antisemitic acts that have been on the rise in response to tensions in the...
The CAAP press conference on Jan. 14th and subsequent Fox News appearance has garnered a lot of media coverage. Here's just a sample of what people are saying...   Breitbart National Black Leaders Condemn Promotion of 'Civil Unrest' Against Trump Led by Rev. William Owens (pictured), the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP)...
We should not allow the Democratic Party to take our votes for granted. It's time to vote our values.
Recently, CAAP met with Senator Rand Paul to discuss those issues that are most important to our community. The conversation ranged from opinions expressed regarding the government and the Bundy standoff to key social justice issues at the heart of CAAP's mission, such as putting an end to sentencing...
When we talk about the effects of same-sex marriage, we always come back to our two highest values--faith and family. It seems so obvious that the destruction of traditional marriage is yet another blow to the black family, with untold harm for our children. And yet, there are some...
The March for Marriage - Washington, DC, 2014

CAAP 24 Years

CAAP celebrates its 24th anniversary.

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