Imagine if all of the Senators who are currently trying to oppose Judge Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court actually told the truth about their reasons. It would just be a unified chorus of, “We’re mad because we wanted to confirm a Clinton nominee.”

Anyone with intellectual honesty will agree that Judge Gorsuch is more than qualified to be a Supreme Court justice. So Democrats in the Senate are flailing, trying to come up with a reason to justify blocking him.

What they’ve come up with is a lame argument about how they should have voted on Obama’s nominee last year. As though they wouldn’t have happily voted for anyone Secretary Hillary Clinton would have nominated. It’s a desperate and transparent ploy which points to a bigger problem.

They just don’t want anyone on the Court who will rule against their favorite policies. Justice Gorsuch has already ruled for religious freedom in a challenge to Obamacare. And it’s reasonable to think he would be on our side on abortion and transgender rights.

That’s why they’re trying to block him. And that’s why it’s equally important that he be confirmed.

Which leads to a more serious question: would these same Democratic Senators ever vote for a conservative Christian to be on the Supreme Court? Or are they tacitly acknowledging that they think anyone who follows those beliefs shouldn’t be a judge?

You won’t get them to admit in words, but there actions are speaking very clearly.

If you want to help, tell the Senate that Christians know what they’re doing and are tired of their political games. That’s why we’re urging you to contact your Senator directly in support of Judge Gorsuch.

Just click on this link, and go to our new advocacy form. It makes it very easy to send a letter to your Senators with just a few clicks of the mouse. We’ve also included a sample letter that you can edit if you wish.

Let’s overwhelm these stubborn Senators with messages from their constituents. Click here now and send your letters today! Then share our message with your friends and family and urge them to contact their Senators as well.

The effort to marginalize Christian beliefs and values has not ended. If anything, it’s getting worse. Let’s show the Senate that we won’t stand for it.