For those of us who were deeply involved in the fight for traditional marriage there is an unsettling sense of déjà vu when it comes to transgender issues.

Unfortunately, it often shows up in the people that should be our allies.

I vividly remember when there were only a few states discussing same-sex marriage. A few Christians began pushing for the creation of laws (and constitutional amendments) that would protect traditional marriage.

The response from many politicians on the right was disbelief. “This isn’t an issue for our state right now,” they would tell us. Or even, “I just can’t see this ever happening.”

What they believed didn’t matter much to the well-funded LGBT activists or their allies in Hollywood and the media. And we lost years in the fight just trying to convince our own side to pay attention to what was happening.

But now, despite that lesson, I’m seeing the same thing again from politicians who don’t want to deal with the fallout of supporting a bill to protect the privacy of women and girls in their bathrooms … like Speaker Joe Straus of the Texas House of Representatives.

The Texas Bathroom Bill (SB 6) passed the state Senate more than a month ago and is now stalled in the House, unable to get a referral, hearing, or vote.

One of the main obstacles is House Speaker  Joe Straus (a Republican), who started the legislative session by telling the media that he doesn’t think the bathroom bill is necessary. He even said in an interview that he would oppose the bill and added the lame justification that he hadn’t even heard of the issue until recently.

It’s all a little too familiar.

Well, the LGBT activists don’t check with Speaker Straus when they set their priorities. And regardless of what he thinks, it is a serious issue right now. But if politicians like Straus continue to obstruct us, the fight against transgender bathrooms will follow an all-too-familiar path.

We know that the LGBT extremists aren’t going to give up. And we know what happens when politicians give up before the fight even starts.

That’s why CAAP has launched a petition, demanding that Speaker Straus give SB 6 a referral, a fair hearing, and a vote. To sign the petition, just click here … then share it with your friends, family, and social network.

CAAP has been involved in the bathroom issue from the very beginning, and we’re prepared to fight at every level to protect our Christian rights. That means going to the courts, showing corporations that we won’t be bullied (nor accept their pro-LGBT propaganda), and demanding accountability from politicians.

Don’t wait! Sign the petition today and let Speaker Straus know that this should be one of his highest priorities. The people of Texas deserve to have their voice heard and women and girls everywhere deserve to have privacy and to feel safe in public bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms.