Today is an incredible day. A day with great promise. And a day that many people thought we wouldn’t see for a  long, long time.

Today, the U.S. and North Korea took steps toward ending the nuclear threat against our country and bringing lasting peace and stability to the region.

There are some who say we don’t know whether these promises will last. And that is true. But today’s news is worthy of celebration. After all, it was only last year that many feared a confrontation with North Korea and others despaired of ever seeing a free and democratic Korea.

Now, it seems like almost anything is possible. The statesmen involved will get their credit from history. What I want to do is thank all of you … and every prayer warrior and Christian who has been sending up requests that Kim Jong-Un would be moved to see reason and come to the negotiating table.

As you may recall, it was only last year that CAAP visited South Korea, where we attended a special clergy conference for world peace. It was an inspiring trip, during which I was able to read the open letter I had penned to Kim Jong-Un for the Washington TimesThe letter can be found on our website at, and read in part:
I am writing to call upon you, Chairman Kim Jong-un, to recognize the dignity and freedom that belong to your people by natural law. And to eliminate the government structures that prevent them from expressing those rights granted them by God.

The people of your country should be free to practice their faith, travel, work, raise their families and live without fear. They should be able to speak freely — yes, even in criticism of the government, because no country can call itself great that rules in oppression and silences all dissent.

Notice that I do not ask you to grant these freedoms to your citizens, but only to recognize them. That is because it is not in your power to grant them. They belong to the people of North Korea (and to every man, woman, and child on this Earth) by the grace of God and our shared humanity. They are not rights granted by the government, but are given to us by our Creator. And while unjust men may jail, oppress and kill those who choose to exercise these human rights, they have no power to unmake the rights themselves.

To the people of North Korea, I only say that there is hope. Your suffering has not gone unmarked, your enforced silence does not mean that there is no one to speak for you. Throughout the United States (and the whole world), there are millions who are praying for your freedom. We know that you have been deprived of the most basic human rights, and we want nothing more than to see liberty and justice take root in your country.

The President deserves credit and praise for this historic summit and agreement. Unfortunately, a lot of the news centered around the meeting with North Korea has been weighed down with different biases and agendas. That’s why it’s important that organizations like CAAP are around to educate African Americans and tell uncomfortable truths.

We need to pay more attention to policy and principle and spend less time obsessed with personalities and partisanship.

Regardless of how you feel about the President, you cannot ignore what he has done for the causes of faith, life, and family. He has been more effective in protecting the unborn and standing up to the radical Left than we could have dreamed. And the policies of his Administration often line up with our values.

Of course, groups like CAAP and our allies have done their share as well. We continue to keep pressure on the politicians to defend our issues, vote for our values, support religious liberty, and confirm constructionist judges.

And we need to keep that work going!

It starts by expanding our grassroots outreach. If you haven’t already joined or renewed your membership to RISE, our network  for grassroots action, be sure to complete your registration today.

In addition, please consider making a donation to CAAP. We’re already working to educate voters and tell the necessary (and uncomfortable) truths that need to be spread going into the midterm elections this November.

Finally, we need your prayers. Today’s news is a reminder that peace, prayer, and principle can be a powerful combination. Let’s join together in offering our thanksgiving for what we hope will be a new era of global harmony.