The end of school year means graduations of all kinds. It’s always such a momentous time, and students like to celebrate it by mentioning everyone who made it possible for them to succeed.

Every year, we see firsthand that there are lots of words that public schools allow, but one word that they’ll do everything they can to eliminate … “God.”

Every year, there’s a story about a public school that won’t allow a valedictorian to mention God in a speech. Many have decreed that students can’t offer a prayer at a commencement event.

God is not welcome in our schools, despite the fact that He is badly needed there.

The schools are only too eager to bring in agendas and politics of every sort, so long as they belong to the radical Left. Faith, chastity, and other unfashionable virtues need not apply.

If you need an example of how dire the situation has become, look no further than “comprehensive sex education.” And “comprehensive” doesn’t begin to describe it. If you think you know what sex ed is like, believe me … you’re mistaken. Throw away any notion that they’re like the sex ed classes of your youth, only updated with a chapter about the internet.

Today’s sex education has become sex instruction. What’s more, it has been deeply politicized. In California, approved teaching materials include a “sexual toolkit” created by the George Soros-linked Tides Center. The toolkit gives tips about sex toys and lubricants and references the transgender children’s book “I am Jazz.” The California sex ed curriculum includes discussion of abortion and “healthy” attitudes about gender identity and sexual orientation.

We have so much work to do in order to set this nation on the right path again. And one of the first steps is getting near-pornographic sex ed out of schools. (And getting God back into them.)

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