If you’ve been watching the immigration issue for the past few years, you could be excused for thinking that some in Congress have no interest in addressing it at all … outside of speeches, that is.

While citizens demand action and a humanitarian crisis develops at our southern border, some politicians seem unwilling to do anything to limit immigration, protect the borders, offer compassion to those who need help, or deal with undocumented immigrants already inside the U.S.

Meanwhile, we are dealing with the fallout of a disastrous lack of responsibility when it comes to securing our borders. 

And then there’s the effect on the African Americans. Unfettered illegal immigration has been a disaster for the black community. We’ve seen jobs, housing, and security slip away – especially in urban centers. Those who don’t worry about the nexus of illegal immigration, criminality, and drugs aren’t living where the problem is at its worst.

We need balance. We need a solution that recognizes our Christian duty to those in need. At the same time, we need to stop illegal behavior and prevent criminals, drug dealers, human traffickers, and others from taking advantage of America’s open borders and welcoming philosophy. We want immigration reform that combines Christian compassion with the need to secure our borders. And it’s up to us to act.

Following President Trump’s speech on Tuesday evening, CAAP launched a petition asking Congress to join with faith leaders to address the immigration issue in a humane way. We have six primary points that we want to see as part of a new reform package, including:

  • Keeping our borders secure
  • Implementing sound immigration reform
  • Involving the faith-based community to help at the border
  • Increasing faith-based humanitarian efforts to help meet the needs of the caravan at the border
  • Giving qualified immigrants in our country a path to citizenship
  • Supporting the federal government’s role in securing our border by building a barrier.

By no means are we endorsing illegal immigration, amnesty, or the wholesale acceptance of open borders. We want to see secure borders, a border barrier, and a strong policy that deals appropriately with criminals, smugglers, and the like. At the same time, we want to act with compassion to all people and in accordance with our faith. We are called to deal with this crisis in a humane way that does not compromise our national sovereignty.

Please sign the petition at http://missionimmigrationpetition.com/. And be sure to share with friends, family, and your social network.

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If we don’t hold the politicians to account, who knows how long we’ll have to wait to see real immigration reform? It’s time that people of faith let Congress know that we’re tired of waiting. We need to see practical, effective reform. Now.