CAAP launches petition demanding online retailer enforce policies against offensive materials

Today, Rev. William Owens, President of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP), demanded that Amazon enforce its own policies regarding “offensive and controversial materials” when it comes to anti-Christian products. CAAP has launched an online petition asking Amazon President Jeff Bezos to remove anti-Christian products currently on available on the website.

Citing the online retailer’s decision to remove items deemed Islamophobic, Rev. Owens pointed to multiple products currently available on Amazon that are offensive or demeaning to Christians. These items include:

  • A throw pillow declaring “I hate Jesus.”
  • Multiple items from the anti-Christian band Marduk, including a patch that shows a woman using a cross as a sex toy and a demon performing a sex act on the crucified Christ.
  • Bumper stickers and other products mocking the Christian fish symbol.
  • Bathroom mats and toilet covers emblazoned with the face of Christ.
  • Numerous t-shirts that combine an anti-Christian message with Satanic or anti-Christian imagery.

“Anti-Christian prejudice has become the last acceptable form of bigotry,” stated Rev. Owens. “Products and messages that would be met with outrage if they targeted other religions are tolerated when they are aimed at Christians.”

“This is unacceptable,” Rev. Owens continued. “Amazon has a clear policy against offensive products, but they have applied that policy in an uneven way that raises questions about the bias and outlook of the company. We are asking Mr. Bezos to demonstrate that he will not allow Amazon to profit off of anti-Christian bigotry and remove anti-Christian products from the site.”

The petition is at: