Are we so accustomed to anti-Christian prejudice that we will accept a double standard?

Yesterday, I wrote to you about the anti-Christian products that are available for sale on Amazon. These aren’t books or humorous novelty items. These are products that serve no other purpose than to mock, belittle, and offend Christians. Things like:

  • A throw pillow declaring “I hate Jesus.”
  • Multiple items from the anti-Christian band Marduk, including a patch that shows a woman using a cross as a sex toy and a demon performing a sex act on the crucified Christ.
  • Bumper stickers and other products mocking the Christian fish symbol.
  • Bathroom mats and toilet covers emblazoned with the face of Christ.
  • Numerous t-shirts that combine an anti-Christian message with Satanic or other anti-Christian imagery.

Recently, Amazon responded to criticism of Islamophobic products available on their site by removing multiple items deemed offensive to Muslims. And yet, grossly offensive anti-Christian items remain … despite a company policy that prohibits “offensive and controversial materials.” 

When we mentioned the anti-Christian items on Amazon yesterday, people wanted to know how they could let Amazon know how they feel. That’s why CAAP has launched a petition asking Amazon president Jeff Bezos to immediately remove any and all anti-Christian merchandise from the store. We’re also sending out a news release announcing the petition and alerting people to the fact that Amazon has these products on their site.

Don’t wait! Sign the petition today and send it on to your friends, family, and social network!

Sadly, the fact that so many anti-Christian products are available on Amazon says volumes about our cultural climate. Anti-Christian bias is the last acceptable form of bigotry, and we are expected to simply accept the slurs and insults.

But turning the other cheek does not mean looking the other way while our Lord is insulted and demeaned. CAAP stands for Christian rights and we will stand for Christ as well! Are you with us?

We need your help to continue our work. Will you make a donation today to assist us in this ministry? Your donation of $50, $100 or $200 will help us continue our defense of faith, family,and freedom.

Amazon isn’t the only place that peddles in anti-Christian sentiment, but persuading them to remove anti-Christian products would be a great victory. Please don’t forget to sign the petition and make your own stand for Christian rights.