Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning “hate.” It should have condemned Antisemitism, given the ugly comments by Rep. Ilhan Omar, but that’s another issue.

The point is that we live in a time when comments disparaging other religions – especially Islam – will bring on a barrage of criticism, protest, political action, etc. Because of the strict Muslim rules about what is considered blasphemous, even a drawing of Muhammad would be considered “Islamophobic.” So great is the fear of offending Muslims that Amazon has removed products that the Council on American-Islamic Relations objected to, like a bath mat with the words of Muhammad on it.

But Christians … well, no one much cares about offending Christians. In fact, mocking, belittling, and blaspheming Christianity is becoming a bit of a trend in our culture. Anti-Christian bigotry truly is the last acceptable prejudice.

Think about the insults that are hurled at Christians. Or the way devout Christians are often lampooned in movies or on television. If a devout Christian is only depicted as an uneducated fool, it’s almost a relief. Half the time, they’re also violent, hate-filled bigots. 

Just imagine if Hollywood treated other religions the same way. The outrage would ring from coast to coast. Jobs would be lost. But treat Christians as the enemy in your movie, and you’re perfectly safe. 

The best example of this attitude can be seen in the products available on Amazon. The company has gone out of its way to remove products offensive to Muslims. But they still sell products that are deeply offensive to Christians, like: 

  • Merchandise from the anti-Christian band Marduk, which includes images of a woman using a cross as a sex toy and a demon performing a sex act on the crucified Christ.
  • Toilet covers and bathmats with the face of Jesus on them.
  • A throw pillow that simply declares, “I hate Jesus.”

The hypocrisy on display is astounding. Christianity is the dominant religion of our country. It is the foundation of our government and morality. And yet, Christians are treated as fair game for mockery and insult. 

We cannot allow this anti-Christian bigotry to continue. It is poisonous to our culture and encourages the persecution of people of faith.

Let’s tell Amazon what we think about their double standard in selling anti-Christian merchandise. If you have a Twitter account, send a Tweet to @amazon and let them know that this is unacceptable. Or you can write a post on their Facebook page and let others know how the most powerful online retailer in the world treats Christians. We’ll also be adding a petition tomorrow, so be sure to watch for our next newsletter!

CAAP has a long history of standing up for Christian rights, and we pledge to continue our fight for religious freedom. Will you act now to help support our work? Your pledge of $50, $100 or $200 will make a real difference and help us continue our defense of faith, family,and freedom.

CAAP is joining with those who demand that Amazon extend the same respect for Christians as for other religions and remove offensive items. But we won’t stop there. We must put an end to anti-Christian bigotry with a renewed sense of moral responsibility and respect for our faith.


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