Last week, North Carolina partially repealed its law protecting the privacy of women and girls in bathrooms, locker rooms, showers. The capitulation to corporate pressure and LGBT lobbying has the state promising to wait until 2020 until they revisit the issue.

Which leads to one question: what will happen in Texas?

Earlier this year, the Texas Senate easily passed SB 6, also known as the “No Men in Women’s Bathrooms!” bill. And just like North Carolina, the state has found itself subject to political hysteria and corporate bullying–including a threat from the NFL that the state wouldn’t see another Superbowl if they proceeded with the legislation.

So the bill languished in the state House of Representatives. But one courageous legislator is about to force every state representative to go on the record on the issue of transgender bathrooms.

Rep. Valoree Swanson has offered an amendment to a House Appropriations Bill that will force all 150 members of the House to vote on whether men and boys should be allowed into the same lockers, showers, and bathrooms as women and girls.

The vote is expected to happen on Thursday, and there’s still time to tell your legislator how you feel about this issue.

Go to the Texas House website at and find your legislator. There, you’ll see phone, email, and other contact information. Call him or her and explain how important the Swanson amendment is … and why we must protect the privacy of women and girls.

And don’t forget that you can still contact your Senators about the confirmation vote on Judge Neil Gorsuch. While Senate Democrats have indicated that they plan to filibuster Gorsuch in the attempt to keep him off the Supreme Court, we can still put a stop to this partisan game-playing.

Click here to use our form and write to your Senators today!

The election may be over, but the battle for the soul of our nation goes on. It’s clear that the LGBT extremists and the enemies of faith and family have no intention of giving up. Let’s show them that we’re ready to take back our country!

For faith, family, and justice,

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